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Stay up-to-date with my public appearances and publication schedule! I'd love to meet you at a conference or public reading. Below you will find a regularly updated schedule of my activities. Check out my Facebook and Twitter (linked at the bottom of the page), as well as my blog (in the menu bar) to stay informed on past and present activities.

June 2021

2021 Goldie Finalists Spotlight Reading: The Other Side of Forestlands Lake

Date: 19 June 2021, 4PM EST

Location: Virtual, register here.

Join me for a reading from The Other Side of Forestlands Lake, which is a finalist in the Goldie Awards, category Paranormal/Occult/Horror. I will be reading alongside other great authors, including: Erin Dutton (Three Alarm Response), Jaycie Morrison (The Found Jar), Jane Alden (The Crystal's Curse), and Jesse Thoma (Serenity).

And this year it's virtual! Join me and dozens over other authors for 22 days of writers' workshops, author readings, keynote speakers, awards ceremony and more.

Register here!

View the schedule! (and check out where I'll be, below)

All access cost for members: $75

All access cost for non-members: $115

Golden Crown Literary Society Annual  Conference
July 9 - 31, 2021


10 July 2021

A Conversation with Emma Donoghue

Time: 2:00PM - 3:25PM EST

I'll be moderating a guest speaker event with Emma Donoghue! We'll discuss her latest book. The Pull of the Stars. Released in July 2020 (how appropriate), The Pull of the Stars, takes place in a Dublin, Ireland maternity ward at the heigh of the Great Flu of 1918.

Emma is the 2008 Goldie Award Winner for her novel, Landing. Her 2010 novel Room was a finalist for the Man Booker, Commonwealth and Orange Prize and later made into an Academy Award-winning movie, for which she was nominated for her screenplay.

Our conversation is sponsored by Bywater Books.

11 July 2021

Panel: Marketing for Success

Time: 2:30PM - 3:25PM EST

Whether you write romance, science fiction, or thrillers, and whether you self-publish or sign with a publisher big or small, you must marker. Join me, Tammy S. Bird, Anne Hagan, KC Luck, and Amanda Radley to discuss how we come up with marketing strategies, what role our publishers play, and what has worked, and not worked, both inside and outside of today's crazy social media platforms.

Our panel will be moderated by Clare Ashton and is sponsored by Flashpoint Publications.

24 July 2021

Author Spotlight

Time: 1:00PM - 1:55PM EST

I'll be reading from my swashbuckling, bodice ripping work in progress, The Raven and the Banshee, slated for publication in January 2022.

I'll be joined by Jean Copeland, Paula Martinac, CJ Murphy, Radclyffe, and Michele M. Reynolds.

Our moderator is Anne Hagan and we're sponsored by Flashpoint Publications


31 July 2021

2021 Goldie Awards Ceremony

Time: 4PM EST

Register here.

You can register to attend just the awards ceremony for $35 (members and non-members).

The Goldies are presented each year at the Annual GCLS conference to recognize excellence in women loving women literature. The GCLS recognizes this excellence in 19 categories, 2 popular choice categories, and 3 special categories. Every year, the Board of Directors reviews new caegory proposals for their consideration. The world of WLW Literature is growing — and the GCLS is growing right along with it.

Two of my books are nominated in three categories!

Dirt Nap is a finalist in the Romance Blend category.

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake is a finalist in the Paranormal/Occult/Horror Category, and the cover artist for the book, Judith Fellows, is nominated for a Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Art.

Check out all the finalists and nominees, here. 



Below you'll find all my latest press, news, and online activity – stay updated on what I've been doing to keep great content coming your way.

July 2021

My Books Have Been Nominated for Awards at the GCLS Goldie Awards! 

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake is a finalist in the Paronormal/Occult/Horror category.

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake cover artist, Judith Fellows, is also nominated for the Tee Corrine Award for Outstanding Cover Art. Congratulations, Judith!

Dirt Nap is a finalist in the Romantic Blend category.

You can view all the finalists, here.

Oct 2020

What's New at Bella

Me and Bella Books chat about the paranormal, the life of an author, and more.


Check out the interview, here, and subscribe!

From their website:

Guest Host Carolyn Elizabeth talks spooky stuff and books with Tagan Shepard and Dolores Arden.

Aug 2020

Let's Chat Lesfic

I had a great time talking to the people at Let's Chat Lesfic podcast. We discussed lots of great topics: writing, life, love, and what sends me over the edge.

Check out the interview, here, and subscribe!

From their website:

MAKING AUTOPSY FUN with Carolyn Elizabeth. We chat with Carolyn Elizabeth about her novels ‘The Other Side of Forestlands Lake’, ‘Gallows Humor’ and ‘Dirt Nap’, as well as her approach to writing, and what makes her tick as a person. Find out about the real person behind the title.

Sapphic stories where serious camp meets upbeat macabre



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