I'm  a lesbian fiction author who writes at the intersection of the macabre, the camp, and the romantic. My debut series is about the mystery and romance of Corey Curtis and Thayer Reynolds. There are now 3 books in the Gallows Humor series. Plus my latest release, The Otherside of Forestlands Lakes, perfect for the spooky season!

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake



​Willa Dunn and Lee Chandler are on the cusp of discovering their love transcends best friendship as they spend every summer together at the idyllic Upstate New York community of Forestlands Lake, nestled in the foothills of the Taconic Mountains. The summer just before they turn sixteen a tragic accident befalls Willa’s family and without warning, Willa and Lee are torn apart from circumstances way beyond the control of teenage girls.

Twenty-five years later Willa is a successful author of the young adult ghost stories she loved to read as a child. She returns to the lake looking for a writer’s retreat and an opportunity to connect with her troubled teenage sister, Nicole.

Lee, single mother to her wise-beyond-her-years teenage daughter, Maggie, is the director of the summer camp on the other side of Forestlands Lake, which has its own history of tragedy. When Willa and Lee were kids a young girl went missing from the camp and was never found.

Before Willa and Nicole even have the chance to unpack, their plans are upset by a mysterious young girl, a near drowning, and surprise reunion. Nicole’s already reckless behavior grows increasingly erratic as the coming days bring shocking revelations, unsettling occurrences, and long-overdue second chances.

Together Willa and Lee will work to protect the girls, reconcile their past and unearth the secrets surrounding Forestlands Lake, putting the old ghosts to rest once and for all.

At Words Point - short story


My first short story! Clocking in at 5000 words and retailing for only 99 cents (e-book), there's no risk and lots of reward. Buy now!

Captain Branna Kelly lives by her sword. Her partner, Julia Farrow, much prefers reason and wit. Caught in a rare marketplace scuffle, they’ll rely on both strengths.

Dirt Nap



Though still suffering side effects from the injuries she sustained in a serious fall, Corey Curtis is off restricted duty and back at work in the morgue. Within hours of cutting the cast off her arm with a bone saw she’s asked by her former mentor to assist on a body recovery. Now she’s elbow deep in decomposing human remains and a suspicious death that hits far too close to home.

Just when her relationship with Dr. Thayer Reynolds has reached a new milestone, the new case tests Corey’s limits while Thayer struggles with a difficult situation at work. Corey’s impulsive nature has her hurtling down an all too familiar road with trouble around every corner.

The only thing keeping the wheels from totally coming off is Thayer’s unwavering love and support. But when the investigation comes full circle, everyone is caught off guard…threatening a most unhappy ending.

Picking up minutes from the end of Gallows Humor, Dirt Nap is the second Corey Curtis and Thayer Reynolds romantic thriller.

Gallows Humor


Corey Curtis is coasting. At thirty-three, she’s in the best shape of her life and has a satisfying position at Jackson City Memorial Hospital. With a good paycheck, great friends, and occasional relationships with smart, beautiful women, she couldn’t be happier. She thinks.

Dr. Thayer Reynolds, whiling away some time before the start of her Emergency Department fellowship at JCMH and intrigued by the stories she’s heard, crashes the morgue to get a look at Corey—the woman her young colleagues are whispering about.

Totally spinning from her first interactions with Thayer, Corey throws herself into the post mortem exam of a construction worker who fell to his death, which isn’t at all suspicious—until it is. With no support from her boss or the police, Corey investigates the death on her own. Making bad decisions with good intentions, she recklessly endangers her own life and Thayer’s. Even worse—she potentially dooms any chance of a real relationship with Thayer before it even gets started.

Carolyn Elizabeth Fiction


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