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Dirt Nap


Though still suffering side effects from the injuries she sustained in a serious fall, Corey Curtis is off restricted duty and back at work in the morgue. Within hours of cutting the cast off her arm with a bone saw she’s asked by her former mentor to assist on a body recovery. Now she’s elbow deep in decomposing human remains and a suspicious death that hits far too close to home.

Just when her relationship with Dr. Thayer Reynolds has reached a new milestone, the new case tests Corey’s limits while Thayer struggles with a difficult situation at work. Corey’s impulsive nature has her hurtling down an all too familiar road with trouble around every corner.

The only thing keeping the wheels from totally coming off is Thayer’s unwavering love and support. But when the investigation comes full circle, everyone is caught off guard…threatening a most unhappy ending.

Yes! This is how you write a sequel, you make it even better than the first. This was wonderful and exactly the book I needed right now.

Lex Kent from Goodreads, 5 stars

It has everything I loved in Gallows Humor, only better.

Jude from Goodreads, 5 stars

Great second book for Carolyn Elizabeth and a great second in the Curtis & Reynolds series...The plot is even more interesting, with a very well-done crime/thriller part, and continuation of a really good romance. The chemistry between the two...protagonists is excellent.

Pin from Goodreads, 5 stars

Gallows Humor

Corey Curtis is coasting. At thirty-three, she’s in the best shape of her life and has a satisfying position at Jackson City Memorial Hospital. With a good paycheck, great friends, and occasional relationships with smart, beautiful women, she couldn’t be happier. She thinks.

Dr. Thayer Reynolds, whiling away some time before the start of her Emergency Department fellowship at JCMH and intrigued by the stories she’s heard, crashes the morgue to get a look at Corey—the woman her young colleagues are whispering about.

Totally spinning from her first interactions with Thayer, Corey throws herself into the post mortem exam of a construction worker who fell to his death, which isn’t at all suspicious—until it is. With no support from her boss or the police, Corey investigates the death on her own. Making bad decisions with good intentions, she recklessly endangers her own life and Thayer’s. Even worse—she potentially dooms any chance of a real relationship with Thayer before it even gets started.

The author gets a chance to shine through her expertise in forensic anthropology, which is terrific as it gives instant credibility to her work. 

Tere from Goodreads, 5 stars

Wow, just W.O.W! I've never been so invested in a mystery and workplace romance like I have been with this captivating story...[Carolyn Elizabeth] certainly knows how to craft an engaging mystery while she keeps the sizzling attraction between these awesome women brewing.

Angel from Goodreads, 5 stars

Great combination of mystery, romance and medical drama.

Margaret from Goodreads, 5 stars



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